The Details - About PS

Pamela Sand built Postscript as a side project in 2012 while working as an urban planning consultant in Toronto and New York. As a multifaceted designer, Pam believes in the power of detail – how thoughtful design can tell personal stories, build compelling brands, and add intention to the way we communicate every day.

Pam's husband served over a decade in the US military, spending long periods overseas. During this time, Pam and Bryan invested in quality stationery products that facilitated more traditional forms of communication and strengthened their relationship when they couldn't be together. As the digitally-driven world took hold and the art of letter-writing became more of a lost craft, Pam honed an appreciation of the written word and embraced paper as luxury. 

Pam also believes that quality design should be accessible to all. She is committed to working with small businesses with limited resources to translate their message into brand identities with a competitive edge.

Postscript creates personalized paper correspondence including event stationery, adult and kids’ stationery, and bespoke monograms; brand identities; and mobile text-based stationery. 

We look forward to working with you on your next creative correspondence project!